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Related rates 3


New member
Nov 4, 2013
(a) The half-life of morphine in the bloodstream is 3 hours. Suppose that there's
initially 0.4 mg of morphine in the system, how long does it take until there's
only 0.01 mg of morphine remaining in the bloodstream?

(b) Suppose that there is initially x0 (0 is a subscript) grams of Kool-Aid powder in a glass of water.
After 1 minute there are 3 grams remaining and after 3 minutes there is only 1
gram remaining. Find x0 (0 is a subscript) and the amount of Kool-Aid powder remaining after 5 minutes.

Thanks in advance!!!


Staff member
Jan 26, 2012
Re: related rates 3

Hi ayahouyee, (Wave)

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We want to help you know how to do these problems on your own, so if we just do them for you that won't really be the best way to do this. We can work with you to solve your problems together.

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