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Working out my holiday/vacation entitlement


New member
Nov 18, 2018
I have been tearing my hair out over this lol.

I am trying to work my holiday (vacation) entitlement out. Can somebody please tell me if I am right?

I get 27 days holiday plus the bank holidays (public holidays). My work year is 1st of April to 31st of March. Due to Easter moving about that means this year I get 7 days as bank holidays. In total this year I get 34 days holiday entitlement

If I worked full time I would do 7.5 hours per day and work 5 days per week = 37.5 hours per week. 34 holidays days x 7.5 hours a day = 255 hours holiday entitlement. If I was full time every time I take holiday day I would lose 7.5 hours/1 day from my holiday entitlement.

I don’t work full time. I do 18.45 hours per week which is half a week’s work. I don’t work 2.5 days though. I work 3 days per week and do 6.45 hours a day.

Based on that information am I correct in saying

This year I get 127.5 hours holiday entitlement (half of a full time worker). Every time I take a holiday day I take off 6.15 hours from my holiday entitlement

Or should it simply be

I get 34 days holiday entitlement. Every time I take a holiday day I just take a day off my holiday entitlement.