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Nonlinear functions


New member
Nov 6, 2012
The basal metabolic rate (in kcal/day) for large anteaters is given by:

y=f(x)= 19.7x0.753

where x is the anteater's weight in kilograms

a) find the basal metabolic rae for anteaters with the following weights

i. 5kg
ii. 25kg

My answer:

i= 66.19kg
ii= 222.39 kg

Hopefully I got a right, but b and c I need some help with please.

b) suppose the anteater's weight is given in pounds rather than kilograms. Given that 1lb=.454kg, find a function x=g(z) giving the anteater's weight in kg if z is the animals weight in lb.

c) write the basal metabolic rate as a function of the weight in pounds in the form y=azb by calculating f(g(z)).


Feb 1, 2012
Your answers are correct thus far, the new function of kg to pounds is found by multiplying through by $\frac{1}{0.454}$