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Near Misses


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Feb 2, 2012

For some reason, my stuff never gets published.
Any suggestions?

Moby Richard

Well, if it isn't Dr. Livingston!

Mrs. Butterfly

The Sun Comes Up, Too

Friends, Romans, countrymen,
listen up!

Start the Beguine

Here Comes the Iceman

It was the best of times,
it was the pits.

Zhivago, M.D.

War and Detente

Who's that bell Ringing For?

Those Karamazov Boys

Alas, poor Yorick!
We were like that.

See You Later, Mr. Chips

I've Gotten Used to her Face

There are more things in heaven and earth,
Horatio, than you could possibly imagine.

The Penultimate Mohican

Crime and Plea Bargaining

Encore, Sam​
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Mar 1, 2012
Hard to understand :(


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Oct 16, 2012
Clever, you like Hemingway?