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Figure and subfloat error


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Feb 1, 2012
\subfloat[The beam mode for $\alpha = 3.9266$.]{\includegraphics[width = 2in]{hw8problem3dmode2}} &
\subfloat[The beam mode for $\alpha = 7.06858$.]{\includegraphics[width = 2in]{hw8problem3dmode3}} &
\subfloat[The beam mode for $\alpha = 10.2102$.]{\includegraphics[width = 2in]{hw8problem3dmode4}} \\
\subfloat[The beam mode for $\alpha = 13.3518$.]\includegraphics[width = 2in]{hw8problem3dmode5}} & 
\subfloat[The beam mode for $\alpha = 16.4934$.]{\includegraphics[width = 2in]{hw8problem3dmode6}} &
\subfloat[Beam modes for the first five eigenfunctions.]{\includegraphics[width = 2in]{hw8problem3d}}
\caption{The individual beam modes.}
What is wrong with this?