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    This product allows you to select usergroups that will see a greater number of reputation comments in their UserCP and for those with permission, on userprofiles as well. In the setting "Active Usergroups" you select the usergroups that will have access to the features of this product. In the setting "Maximum Ratings Displayed" you enter the maximum number of reputation ratings that will be displayed, both on user profiles and in a user's UserCP. The setting "Default Ratings Displayed" controls how many ratings are initially visible in the received/given blocks in the UserCP. If there are more ratings available, the blocks are scrollable and resizable. The setting "Default Height On Profiles" controls the initial height of the ratings block on user profiles, and this too is scrollable and resizable.

    In the UserCP:

    On user profiles:


    Tested and working on VB 4.2.x and may work on all 4.x versions of vBulletin.


    This product does not alter your database, however it is always good practice to make regular backups and you should make a backup before installing ANY new mod.

    As always, products are USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I will provide support and do my best to help but no absolute guarantee is offered.

    To Install:

    1. Download and extract the attached .zip file.
    2. Follow AdminCP -> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product.
    3. Click on "Choose File" and browse to the product .xml file that was packaged in the .zip file.
    4. Click "Import."
    5. You MUST enable the product in the settings before it will function.
    6. Configure the remaining settings to your liking. Each setting has a detailed explanation of its use.

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