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Would you read a blog about numerical analysis?

How does the words "numerical analysis" feel like?

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Mar 30, 2016
Hey! I have been thinking about different topics on mathematics, and for some reason I feel, that applied mathematics and doing numerical computations is often overlooked.

When I was studying in university, more than 95 % of all examples which would require numerical methods were either omitted or simply left there with a note "just get numbers out". While it is certainly true, numerical tools don't offer much new cool theory, and it is "just computing", I've also noticed, not many have a single idea, how to calculate different kind of things accurately - and preferably quickly. And as we all should know, only a tiny fraction of real problems can be solved analytically, this careless thinking amaze me.

So, I am thinking, if I start a blog about numerics to make it clearer, what are those omitted parts... But meanwhile I find numerical computations extremely interesting, how do the others? I would like to hear your opinions, would that kind of blog be worth your time, or would you consider it born as dead? Thank you!