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We all have dreams ...


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MHB Math Helper
Jan 17, 2013
We all have dreams , We no longer think about ice-creams . They keep us trying , they may sometimes force us crying. We are getting bigger , we can know think better.. We
all try our best ,since that very first test. Since we started counting , since we tried a mounting climbing. Since we tried sea-surfing , since we began writing . Since we first
clapped our hands , for these famous bands. But we must fight, human was once afraid of flight. We may a lot fail , but we will have our trial. We might get disappointed, we always get ridiculed, we a lot cried , but we don't try suicide because we keep trying , we keep praying...

My dream is to be a fabulous programmer, what 's your dream may I ask the reader ?


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MHB Math Helper
Jan 26, 2012
My dream is to become a good mathematician, developer and cryptographer, and eventually earn enough money to live reasonably well.

I'm sorry :( I'm bad at lyrics..


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MHB Math Helper
Aug 30, 2012
My dream is to finish my PhD in Physics, teach at a good college, settle down and have a family I'm proud of, and help out as many people that I can.

Failing that I'll settle for having more money than God. Hey, money might not buy happiness but it sure will buy a lot of therapy!