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vBSEO update part II, "Like" changed to "Thanks"

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Jan 26, 2012
Hi everyone,

Here is the original thread I made right after we installed vBSEO and described some of the changes you may or may not noticed. The most noticeable change was from our "Thanks" reputation system to the vBSEO "Likes" tree. We are keeping the new system for all of the reasons I gave in the other thread but to make the transition easier and to keep with tradition, we've changed all of the phrases back to "Thanks". This includes adding back the statistic in your post info of how many "Thanks" you have given and received. The two differences I notice are the reputation system is still turned off, which means no green dots, and the Thanked posts stats doesn't display over how many posts this was. So we more or less have the same system back, with some interface tweaks and added functionality.

This thread will serve as a place for any comments, questions or feedback on the changes made in the July 29th update because a major part of the previous announcement was on the change from "Thanks" to "Likes", which isn't the case anymore. If you notice any issues, have a question or just want to comment on any changes due to vBSEO please feel free to do so in this thread.