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User Feedback Requested Regarding MathJax Rendering Of Brackets

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Feb 24, 2012
Hello MHB Community,

I have noticed for some time that the square bracketing symbols were not rendering correctly sometimes, and I just recently discovered that this is an issue with Firefox, not MathJax. For example, here are two screenshots of what you see using Firefox in MathJax's live preview:



In the first example the right bracket is faint, while in the second the brackets are cropped at the top and look like floor symbols instead. We have written a custom script to fix these two issues for Firefox users, and I have tested IE and Chrome and know they do not have this issue.

I would now like to determine if there are any other browsers that may have this issue so we can include them in the fix. So, please take a look at the following expressions, and let me know if they do not render correctly for you. If they do not, let me know what browser you are using (and include a screen shot if possible if the issue is different than what I posted above)...this will be very helpful for us to ensure everyone is seeing things correctly. (Yes)

\(\displaystyle [a,b]\)

\(\displaystyle \left[\sqrt{x}\right]\)

Thank you for your time. :D