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Trigonometric functions: Sec, Cot, Csc


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Feb 21, 2013
Im currently on chapter about derivate trigonometric functions. It have been hard for me to understand this sec,cot,-csc? Why do you rewrite example $1/cos^2x$ as $sec^2x$? when I get like sec,csc etc i kinda feel i have no clue what it means. Then you think what do Petrus mean? example I know cos 0 =1 and then will $sec^2(0)=1$ but there is many more and I wounder how much should I know about this sec,cot,-csc? If im honest i keep forgeting $sec^2x=1/cos^2x$ Is there any trick to memorise these:)
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Indicium Physicus
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Jan 26, 2012
I always write these other trig functions in terms of $\sin$ and $\cos$, and then use the quotient rule to differentiate. You might find these two sheets helpful in narrowing down what you should have memorized.