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Tower problem

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New member
May 21, 2013
The equation of the tower structure is a hyperbola of f(x)=E/(X+F)+G
hight=23, and meets ground 11.5m on either side of axis , curve also passes through (4,3)
This helps to form 3 equations....
Use height to find first equation.
Use the points where the tower touches the ground on the right hand side to find the second
Use pts (4,3) to find third
Use i and ii to find G in terms of F only ???
Show that F=1, G=2, and E=25K


Staff member
Feb 24, 2012
This is part of the project problem you posted earlier, which strikes me as a graded assignment, and as such, until we clear up this matter as I stated in the other topic we simply cannot help. We place a very high priority on academic honesty.

Please, before posting any more of this project, contact me or another senior staff member (MHB Global Moderator or MHB Administrator) by private message so we can determine from you and your instructor whether this is a graded assignment or that your instructor has given you permission to get outside help.

If you do post more of it, unfortunately I will be forced to ban your account temporarily.
Not open for further replies.