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[TIP] How to post efficiently and fast


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Mar 30, 2016
I believe, I'm not the only one, who uses a lot a phone. While this forum is truly awesome and has many cool features to represent and show math, all this payload can make the user experience poor. A phone is not necessarily powerful enough to run the site fluently.

I myself have been struggling with this problem. It could be fun to post more - especially posst that explain the math behind troubles. There is just one problem, however: adding a single pair of math tags takes several seconds on my browser. :cautious:

So here we go. I realised, the app stores are full of customizable apps for typing and coding. Some of them offer some kind of character bar to add frequently used pieces of code into the file. So I took one of those, reseted the character bar and put math forum tags and latex commands instead! Now typing of the message can be paused, file saved, and continue later on (important in this busy world!) And once the post is ready, just copy-paste the content of the file to the forum. Further, if needed, old saved posts can be used as templates while creating new posts!

In case building math formulas is hard, or you want to visualise them before previewing on the forum, you can use for example https://www.codecogs.com/eqnedit.php to generate the latex code. (This same website is great tool when playing with math in facebook etc. where you can share pictures but not mathematical documents.)

Have fun and enjoy! 🥰



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Feb 21, 2015
Beer soaked query follows.

Whatever happened to MarkFL's easy to use version of MathType where you just point and click at a keyboard and the latex codes are simultaneously seen? That was great stuff.