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Feb 2, 2012

. . . . . . . . . [tex]\text{Threes}[/tex]
. . . . . [tex]\text{by John Atherton}[/tex]

[tex]\text{I think that I shall never }c[/tex]
[tex]\text{A }\#\text{ lovelier than }3;[/tex]
[tex]\text{For }3\,<\,6\text{ or }4,[/tex]
[tex]\text{And than 1 it's slightly more.}[/tex]

[tex]\text{All things in nature come in }3s,[/tex]
[tex]\text{Like }\therefore\text{s, trios, Q.E.D.s;}[/tex]
[tex]\text{While }\$\text{ gain more dignity}[/tex]
[tex]\text{If augmented }3\times 3 \text{ . . . }[/tex]

[tex]\text{A 3 whose slender curves are pressed}[/tex]
[tex]\text{By banks, for compound interest;}[/tex]
[tex]\text{Oh, would that, paying loans or rent,}[/tex]
[tex]\text{My rates were only }3\%.[/tex]

[tex]3^n\text{ expands with rapture free,}[/tex]
[tex]\text{And reaches toward }\infty.[/tex]
[tex]3\text{ complements each }x\text{ and }y,[/tex]
[tex]\text{And intimately lives with }\pi.[/tex]

[tex]\text{A }\bigcirc\text{'s number of }\, ^{\text{o}}\text{s}[/tex]
[tex]\text{Are best }\div\text{ up by 3s,}[/tex]
[tex]\text{But wrapped in dim obscurity}[/tex]
[tex]\text{Is the }\sqrt{-3}.[/tex]

[tex]\text{Atoms are split by men like me,}[/tex]
[tex]\text{But only God is 1 in 3.}[/tex]