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The Borg


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Feb 2, 2012

BORG Jokes

#1 on the BORG Hit Parade
We All Live in a Single Subroutine

#2 on the BORG Hit Parade:
BORG in the USA

Elvis of Borg
Assimilate Me Tender

Over 50 billion assimilated

Schwartzenegger of Borg
You will be terminated.

Monty Python of Borg
I wish to complain about this 'ere assimilation
you sold me not 'alf an hour ago.

The Borg assimilated my race
and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.

Rambo of Borg
Resistance is the disease.
We are the cure.

We do it our way.
You way is irrelevant.

Khan of Borg
From hell's heart, I assimilate thee!

Jagger of Borg
I can't get no (pause) assimilation.

Fudd of Borg
Wesistance is usewess.

Sajak of Borg
R_sist_nc_ is futil_.

Dr. Smith of Borg
Resistance is futile,
you bubble-headed booby!

Popeye of Borg
Prepare to be askimilgrated.

Beldar of Borg
Prepare to assimilate mass quantities.

Andy Rooney of Borg
Ever wonder why resistance is futile?

Rubik of Borg
The cube was my idea.

Yoda of Borg
Assumilate or do not assimilate.
There is no "try"!

McCoy of Borg
I'm a doctor, not an assimilator!

Slartibartfast of Borg
My name is irrelevant.

The cereal you can't resist.

Trebek of Borg
For $500, it is futile and begins with R.

Not the choice of The Next Generation

Gump of Borg
Futile is as futile does.

Python of Borg
Nobody expects the Borg assimilation!