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Thanks Guys


Feb 25, 2012
Hey, so I'm graduating in about 2 weeks with a first class bsc in maths from the university of Edinburgh. I just wanted to write a message to say thanks for all the help over the years as I definitely could not have achieved this without the help of people on this site and math help forums before it.

I know I haven't been very active here for the last couple of years but from my last year of school and first few years at university I used this site (probably math help forum then) a lot so I just wanted to say thanks for all the help! :)

Cheers guys! (I'll be doing a masters degree next year so I'll still be around and I'll try to be a bit more active here!)


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MHB Math Helper
Jan 17, 2013
Happy to hear that , hope you the best of luck !


Staff member
Feb 24, 2012
Yes, best of luck in your continuing studies! (flower)

It is very thoughtful of you to post a thanks of this type, letting the folks here who may have helped you from time to time know that it was appreciated and useful! (Cool)