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Business Math Sustainability of pyramid scheme

Ken Somerville

New member
Oct 11, 2013
I’m about to get involved with a new affiliate program,
before I market this I want to know that it is going to work.

Pyramid (yes, it is legal; there is a product,
merchant accounts used, taxes will have to be paid).

2x2 Forced Rotator Matrix with an Automatic Re-Entry at each level.

7 Positions on Board (only four available to be filled at a one time buy-in of \$300.00 ea).

As the #1 (apex) position leaves that board, they will be re-entered back onto Level 1 board for \$300.00 (taken out of the profits earned), it now looks for its’ sponsor, realigns itself again on its’ sponsor’s board, and continues to repeat the process over and over again to infinity.

As the process speeds up, and moves from daily to hourly, by minutes, by seconds, etc. Is this sustainable? At what point would this falter, or does it?

O Pay position \$1200.00-\$300. (auto re-buy done by computer).
O O Middle positions
O O O O Bottom positions to fill at \$300.00 ea

Thanks for your help. Ken


Staff member
Feb 24, 2012
Re: Hello! I need help with a mathematical query. Please and Thank You

Hello and welcome to MHB, Ken. :D

I have moved your topic to our Business Mathematics sub-forum, as it seems to be a better fit than Analysis.

Typically, responses are posted within a topic, not emailed, and so I have removed your email address from public view just so that it does not potentially fall into the wrong hands.