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Suggestions for books/authors (Fundamental Concepts Of Mathematics )


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May 13, 2013
any suggestions for books/authors which contain these topics.

Fundamental Concepts Of Mathematics
Algebra of sets and logic; methods of proof; functions and relations; logical nature and structure of mathematics; introduction to number-theory; algebra arid geometry of complex numbers


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Feb 15, 2012
Re: suggestions for books/authors (Fundamental Concepts Of Mathematics )

One general reference I have enjoyed greatly is the 3-volume set:

Fundamentals of Mathematics, Benke, Bachmann et. al. (MIT press, translated from the German).

The 3 volumes are as follows:

Volume I:

Foundations of Mathematics
The Real Number System and Algebra

Volume II:


Volume III:


I think you would find Volume I especially helpful. It's not terribly in-depth, but it gives a good idea of the scope and power of the various "basic" mathematics used at the college level.