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Feb 24, 2012
Hello MHB Community,

We are very pleased to announce a new feature whereby you may bookmark individual posts so that you can easily find them later. Suppose you are browsing the site before you head out, and you see a post to which you know you will want to reply, and it is post #73. By the time you return, there may be several more pages of posts in that thread, and locating that particular post later could be a chore. By bookmarking the post, and adding it to your list of "starred" posts, you will have no trouble locating it later.

We have tried to make everything as intuitive as possible, and the following information can be considered a reference to be read only if you have questions. If you have a question that isn't answered below, please feel free to ask in this thread, and we will add this information below after answering your question.

Adding Posts To Your List:

Within the post content area of all posts, and the bottom right, you will see an icon that looks like a star in front of a folder. Clicking that icon will add a post to your list, and a redirect message will let you know the post has been added. Once you have added a post to your list, the icon will have a checkmark to the left of it to indicate that post is in your list.


Removing Posts From Your List:

There are two ways you may remove posts from your list: click the checked icon in the postbit of a post on your list, or select it for deletion when viewing your list.​

Viewing Your List:

In the Navbar, under the "Quick Links" menu, you will see a link titled "My Starred Posts." Click that link, and the custom page that allows you to view and manage your list will be displayed.

In the list header, you will see information on the left about how many posts are in your list, and a button on the right that will expand the post content in all of the postbits within the list. Initially, the post content is given a maximum height so the list is more compact, however even without being expanded, you can scroll through the post content to see it all.

Within the list, you will see all of the posts in your list, sorted in chronological order in when they were added to your list. Within each postbit there, you will see information regarding the post, including links to the forum in which the post resides, the thread in which the post resides, and to the post itself. There is also information about the author of the thread, the author of the post (these link to their profiles), and some additional data about the thread.

In the header for the postbit, you will see on the left the date/time when you added the post to your list, and on the right there are buttons to reply to the post with a quote, to expand the post content within that postbit, a checkbox to select that post for removal from your list, and a button to collapse the postbit in case you wish to view it later and reduce the "clutter" on your list.


You will also see which threads have posts in your list when you view the thread listing within forums, and see the thread listing from a search result. Those threads with posts in your list will have the star icon in the icon area, and a mouseover tooltip will tell you how many posts in the thread are in your list.


Maximum Posts In Your List:

We have set the maximum number of posts that you can have in your list to 25. You will be shown information in the redirect messages that tell you how many additional posts you can add to your list. Once you have added the maximum number of posts to your list, you will no longer see the star icon in the postbits within threads to add posts...you will only see the icon for removing posts from your list.

Note: Certain usergroups have been given unlimited lists simply because they might have a greater need for bookmarking posts.​

Persistence Of Your List:

If you become inactive here at MHB for more than 90 days, your list data will be removed from the database so that we don't wind up storing what is most likely unneeded information in the database.​

-MHB Staff