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Staff Cosmetic Changes (And a Few More Significant Changes)

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Indicium Physicus
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Jan 26, 2012
As you may have noticed, we have had a few changes in the way we are structuring staff. Most of the recent changes are cosmetic; in particular, we are splitting the MHB Helper rank into two ranks: MHB Site Helper and MHB Moderator. The latter group consists of those MHB Site Helpers who are also MHB Math Helpers (formerly MHB Experts) and who moderate a few forums. We have also renamed the old MHB Moderator group as the MHB Global Moderator group.

The MHB Ambassador badge will now be completely independent of staff rank.

The MHB Expert badge, which we have renamed MHB Math Helper, is less dependent on the staff ranks than it was. Formerly, MHB Helper = MHB Expert + MHB Ambassador. Now, the MHB Site Helper rank need not be considered an MHB Math Helper at all. The MHB Moderators and MHB Global Moderators must be MHB Math Helpers, while MHB Site Helpers and MHB Administrators need not be. (Administrators require a somewhat different skill set from moderating, and hence there is no need for that requirement.)

In summary, what we are trying to do is make de jure what was formerly de facto.

We will be updating the FAQ to reflect these changes.
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