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Solve this little mathematical game


New member
Apr 30, 2012
First of all sorry for the way I write, but I do not speak English very well.

In the excel file attached there is a small mathematic game that I can not fix, anyone can help me?
Considering the initial value of 100,You can share this value so that instead of question marks in the cells H9, I9, J9 (that is, the unknown values that I want
to know) I want to know these values so that you can perform the operations of addition and multiplication in the cells indicated (H12, J12), (I13, J13), (I14)
in order to obtain the sum of the cells indicated respectively in L12, L12, L14 the sum of 101.54.

I'm interested to know if you can solve the problem even if the value is unknown to me, which in this case is known, and corresponds to 101.54.

In the event that were to vary the parameters such as those contained in the cells H8, I8, J8, or the reference value of 100,you can get to the resolution of the
game knowing the relationships bind the values between their.

The solution is this but I can not understand how you get there:


H9= 16.67; I9= 73.05; J9= 10.28