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Simultaneous equations


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Jun 19, 2013
Hello, I am going over past exam questions in preparation for exams and I am horrible at worded questions, can someone please give me some guidance in working out this equation? Or in general how to figure out how to solve worded simultaneous questions? Many thanks :)

You have spent \$112 on nails and bolts. Bolts cost \$2 and nails cost \$1. You bought 3
times as many bolts as nails. How many of each did you buy?
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Feb 24, 2012
Hello and welcome to MHB! (Wave)

I would first let $B$ be the number of bolts purchased and $N$ be the number of nails.

We know the amount spent on bolts plus the amount spent on nails totals 112 dollars. The number of bolts times the cost per bolt is the amount spent on bolts, and likewise the number of nails times the cost per nail is the amount spend on nails. Can you put this together to obtain an equation?