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Rings and Their Modules ... ...


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Jun 22, 2012
For those MHB members who are interested in the theory of rings and their modules at the advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate levels it is hard to go past the book by Paul E. Bland and the book by Berrick and Keating ... namely ...

"Rings and Their Modules" by Paul E. Bland (De Gruyter 2011) [452 pages]

"An Introduction to Rings and Modules: With K-Theory in View" by A.J. Berrick and M.E. Keating (Cambridge University Press, 2000) [265 pages]

It is helpful, however, when finding a topic difficult, to have some alternate sources of theory development and presentation ... and two books I have come across are useful in that (if a bit challenging). One is an older book and the other is comparatively hot off the press from China ... details of the books are as follows:

"Rings and Categories of Modules" (Second Edition) by Frank W. Anderson and Kent R. Fuller (Springer-Verlag 1992) [376 pages]

"Foundations of Commutative Rings and Their Modules" by Fanggui Wang and Hwankoo Kim (Springer 2016) [699 pages]

Members interested in ring and module theory may wish to check these books out on Amazon or other web sites ...