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Requesting assistance for possible ANCOVA analysis


New member
Apr 9, 2019
I am interested in examining how restricting the range of motion at the ankle joint will affect the kinematics of a counter-movement vertical jump. I recruited 7 female and 6 male athletes that participate in jumping sports. I performed a motion analysis and determined their maximal jump height and their maximum amount of hip flexion at the bottom of the counter-movement.

Participants performed three jump trials in each of the following conditions: ankle mobility restricted and a control group with no ankle restriction.

I am interested in determining if there is an effect o the ankle mobility condition, if there is gender effect, is there any affect on trials and if there are any relevant interactions between these factors.

Even though there are two dependent variables, I would like to treat each variable independently.

I have ruled out doing a MANOVA, so I am wondering where I should start with this analysis? Which analysis should I use? ANCOVA?