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Purchased Precalculus Textbook

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Jul 26, 2020
Last week, I purchased the Michael Sullivan Precalculus textbook 5th Edition, a book I had in my collection in 2006. I will use this book to continue my precalculus journey as I make my way to calculus 1. Anxiously waiting for the textbook to arrive in the mail. I will stop by the post office box next week.

So, putting precalculus on hold for now. In terms of the David Cohen 3rd Edition Precalculus With Unit Circle Trigonometry textbook, I will post questions from Cohen's book from time to time but not use it on a regular basis because it is an advanced book most likely for an honor precalculus course. At 55, there is no need to worry about upcoming exams for my school days ended in the Fall 1993 semester. I am slowly but surely going to complete my review of precalculus, which is ok thus far. No need to rush through any textbook. You say?