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Problem of the Week (POTW) Procedure and Guidelines

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Chris L T521

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Jan 26, 2012
Hello everyone,

Here is some basic information and general guidelines to remember for the POTW process so that everything goes smoothly.

1) Problems will be posted each week on Monday, most likely early in the morning (1am, 2am, etc.) Eastern Standard Time. There will be three problems each week, one for the high school/secondary school level, one for the university level and one for the graduate level. They will be posted in a new thread in their respective forums.

2) Please do not ask anything about a specific problem publicly here until the solution has been posted by the MHB staff. If you have an issue, question or any comment about a problem please PM one of the Administrators (Ackbach, Chris L T521, Jameson or MarkFL) for the fastest reply. If an error has been made in regards to posting a problem we will fix it as soon as possible and announce any changes to our general POTW format due to this error (for example if an error was noticed on Thursday we most likely would extend the period in which someone can reply to the problem).

3) To submit a solution to a POTW problem, use our forms system. Do not submit any solution, hint or help publicly until we have posted a solution. Once a solution is posted we welcome any alternate solutions or general comments but until then please use common sense and let everyone have an equal shot at the problems. We have agreed to cap the number of submissions any member can make for each of our POTWs at four: the original submission plus a maximum of three corrections. If you submit four or more corrections for a given POTW, we will ignore it (even if it's correct) and "grade" your third correction.

4) The period for submitting a solution is Saturday night at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time of that week. For example, the first POTW set is to be posted on Monday, April 2nd and the deadline for submitting a solution is Saturday, April 6th at 11:59pm EST. This deadline is set to give reasonable time for the staff to check all submitted solutions and compile a list of those who correctly answered the problem. Since many of the problems are not simply "what is the answer" type problems, we may need time to discuss someone's solution with that member or with each other.

5) If you have any feedback about anything related to the POTW process please respond in this thread or PM one of the Admins. We as always want to get your feedback and try to address any problems you have or accommodate any suggestions. This is a community where members always have the right to speak their mind. (Cool)


Thank you for your cooperation and good luck!

MHB Staff
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