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Practical issue regarding Quaternions


New member
May 20, 2020
Hi there!

I´ve got a practical problem with quaternions which I was not able to solve by my own so far.

A machine detects the position and orientation of an object which I get as unity quaternion.
I visualize that using matlab, which still works more or less, but I´d like to 'force' the object to a defined position in the beginning and make the following movement relative to that. I hope it´s understandable what I want?

So my thought was to 'define' the first quaternion, which is ~ [0.89 -0.27 -0.28 -0.2] as [1 0 0 0] just by subtracting the difference and also subtract the difference from the following quaternions. But obviously that won´t work, because the result is no longer a unity quaternion in most cases. So does anyone has an idea of how to solve my problem?

Thanks a lot in advance