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Physics Physics-Using vectors to find the components


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Jan 8, 2013
Hello Everybody,

A trapper walks a 6.2 km straight-line distance from the cabin to the lake, beginning to the lake has an angle of +45 degrees. Determine the east and north components of her dispacement vector.

E component: $6.2\times\cos\left({45^{\circ}}\right)$ = 4.38

N Component:$6.2\times\sin\left({45^{\circ}}\right)$=4.38

I have troubles to next question:
How many more kilometers would the trapper have to walk if she walked along the component displacements?
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Feb 24, 2012
You've found the length of the components, so if the trapper walks along the components, that distance would be the sum of the two components. To answer the question you would then need to subtract the actual distance walked from this sum. :)