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Old POTW threads


Well-known member
Mar 30, 2016
I've seen a lot of interesting problems here as a problem of the week. Thank you for those! ^^

But there is one thing I can't really understand... Why are the old POTW threads locked so that no one can comment on anything? Maybe someone has an alternative solution but can't post it, or almost solved the problem but something is still missing and wishes to ask some advice now, and so on. So why all this possible discussion is prevented? Maybe there is some tiny detail I can't see... :\


MHB Global Moderator
Staff member
Jun 20, 2014
Hi Theia ,

The POTW threads are moderated by the POTW directors anemone , Ackbach , and myself. We must thoroughly check through proposed solutions for correctness and completeness before posting them in the threads. Because of this, the POTW threads are locked.

I don't particularly mind posting an alternative solution after the deadline. If you have one, you can submit it no later than one week after the deadline. Either send me a pm with your solution, or use the solution proposal form. If you have any comments, questions or alternative for old POTW questions, you can post them for discussion in the chat forum or the appropriate subject forum (e.g., questions about my POTW on sheaves can be posted in the Linear and Abstract Algebra forum).