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MHB Awards have been distributed!

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Jan 26, 2012
Hello everyone,

First, the staff at MHB wishes to thank everyone who participated in the MHB Awards nominations and voting processes. Without your participation, this would not have been possible. We are now very pleased to announce the outcome of the voting, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the chosen winners.

This is our first such awards ceremony, and we will be doing this twice a year from now on, at the end of June and the end of December, each year. The awards badges will be "worn" by the winners for a period of one year.

You will notice that we have created a new stats box to display the forum award badges won by each member. These include the arcade trophies and the MHB Awards badges. Each of these award icons will display the categories to which they pertain by hovering your mouse cursor over them.

We have decided to divide the MHB Awards into three major categories. The award badge icon associated with each of these divisions is shown to the right of the division name. The winners are given below for each category.

1.) Math awards

Award CategoryWinner
MHB Pre-University MathematicsMarkFL
MHB CalculusMarkFL
MHB AnalysisOpalg
MHB Statisticschisigma
MHB Advanced AlgebraOpalg
MHB Discrete MathematicsEvgeny.Makarov

2) Site awards

Award CategoryWinner
MHB Model UserPetrus
MHB LatexEvgeny.Makarov
MHB Best IdeasI like Serena
MHB Chat RoomFantini
MHB Humorsoroban

Within this category are two awards given by the staff. We have chosen two recipients each for these categories:

Award CategoryWinners
MHB Notesdwsmith, ZaidAlyafey
MHB ChallengesAlbert, anemone

The MHB Notes Award is for those chosen by the staff to have made significant contributions to MHB in the form of topics posted in the Math Notes sub-forum.

The MHB Challenges Award is for those chosen by the staff to have made significant contributions to MHB in the form of problems posted in the Challenge Questions and Puzzles sub-forum.

3) "Top" Awards

Award CategoryWinner(s)
Secondary School/High School POTWMarkFL
University POTWSudharaka
Graduate POTWgirdav, Opalg

These awards are given to the user which has submitted the most correct solutions to these problems during the first half of 2013.

Award CategoryWinners
Chat Box ChampionFantini, Bacterius

This award is given to the top two posters in the MHB Live Chat Box. They are listed an the order determined by the number of posts made.

Again, we wish to thank everyone who participated and to extend our congratulations to all of our winners!

MHB Staff.


Staff member
Feb 24, 2012
I wish to extend a HUGE thanks to Jameson for all the work he put into making this happen...from all his efforts in the planning stages, to creating the nominations topics and voting polls, and especially for all the coding he accomplished to get the awards badges to display so nicely (trust me, this was quite a difficult and time consuming task!).

He will probably be embarrassed by this post, for he truly believes this is what an administrator is supposed to do, but we all know this is a rare thing, and we are very fortunate indeed to have him as one of our admins. (Rock)