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[SOLVED] Matrix equation


New member
Jan 12, 2020
I have been teaching myself matrices for my IGCSE course and I ran into a problem in a past paper which I have no clue how to solve. The problem is part b of the attached image. Thanks for your help in advance.7DC882A4-F42A-40EC-A86F-D47A7F15D746.jpeg


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MHB Math Helper
Mar 1, 2012
$[M]^{-1} \cdot [M] = $

-5t & 6\\
t & -t
t & 6\\
t & 5t
1 & 0\\
0 & 1

Multiply $[M]^{-1} \cdot [M]$ , then set each corresponding element in the product equal to the elements in the identity matrix to get the desired equation in $t$.

Give it a go and see how you do ...