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Mathematically determine a Lotto Draw Pattern Matrix


New member
Feb 17, 2021
Hi everyone I am new to this or any online math board community,

I’m looking for assistance in determining and calculating the size of a lottery draw pattern matrix, using simple mathematics formulas. That I myself can learn to use to include math formulas on the information pages of my new Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics Database Probability Reports, that are located on my website @ the Tinkermen Lotto Report here: Draw Pattern Mathematics Probability Reports | Forum (tinkermenlottoreportforum.com)

Having no high level of a mathematics background or schooling, I have been creating the matrices myself, using simple visual and analytical deduction skills that I’ve self learned over the years. I have attempted to learn how to use geometric matrix model set solutions that most of you understand, but with no mathematical background myself, I’ve been unable to successfully calculate a single matrix yet using these forms of standard calculations.

With the Live and up-to-date lotto probability report database that is currently being created on our website, we hope that it can one day become a public collaboration effort in the future which will be maintained and updated by those in the public wishing to help contribute to the Free knowledge platform were in the process of creating.

I am providing 3 samples here and hoping that someone can help me understand how to create simple math formulas that I can include in the reports that helps the public better understand how the matrices can be mathematically determined.

John Francis

cslp dow low matrix.JPG

em triple matrix.JPG

la double fifty.JPG