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New member
Mar 20, 2013
Hello there. I have done some basic statistics and probability equations with sports in the last 6 months. While I'm not that bad at compiling sports scores over a 10 year stretch in Excel and adding as many types of equations as possible to give myself a chance at predicting sports scores in the future, I don't have any experience in advanced stats and probability. I also don't have any special software besides Excel to do equations. It's always interesting to do this kind of work and I wanted to make this forum an offer. If you have a fair amount of experience in this type of math and would like to apply your skills and team up with me to create some good formulas for sports prediction. This will be completely recreational. We could start with this year's March Madness. It would also help if you had experience in programming/coding as that will make it easier, but I'm realistic so I know that it's unlikely I'll find a huge know-it-all. I will also add that there is money to be had in this sort of business, but you already know that.


Staff member
Feb 24, 2012
Hello ledhotzepper,

I have reported this topic to the rest of the staff, just so that we may consider as a group and particularly with our administrators, whether this kind of post is truly appropriate for our site.

This may take some time, so I will close this topic to replies for now until a decision is reached. I hope you do understand that I am acting in the best interest of the forum.

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