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Looking for Appropriate Test to Use


New member
Apr 9, 2019
Hello again,

I swear ... I seem to struggle trying to decipher which ANOVA to use ... drives me crazy.

In this study, I have 75 participants that are all varsity athletes. They all completed a survey that scored attentional style within 6 variables (BET, OET, BIT, OIT, NAR, RED).

I am looking to see if there is any difference between the participants scores and the sports they play as well as the position they play in that sport. I was also considering to see if there is a difference between male and female scores as well as if there is a difference within age of participants.

I am considering doing a Multi-factorial ANOVA and applying my independent variables (age, gender, sport and position) to each dependent variable (BET, OET, BIT, OIT, NAR, RED) separately. Am I correct in doing it this way?

Please helpppppppp :/