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Looking for a good Topology text


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Aug 30, 2012
Okay. I'm making another run at String Theory. I have (reluctantly) re-opened my account at PhysicsForums to ask what a good text might be as mine is pretty deficient in the first 3 chapters. But I was thinking a bit more and decided that it would be a good idea to increase my Topology. Now, I am a Physicist and would like to avoid a purely Mathematical text if I can avoid it as any Math on the graduate level gives me reflux. But if it's a good text I'll just buy more Tums. I have a reasonable grasp on Intro level (I've got Munkres' text.) It starts with some basic set theory and goes up to Fundamental Groups and Covering Spaces. The (real) reason I'm looking for a more Physicsy approach is that much of the material seems pretty much unnecessary to me. But Fundamental Groups are very important and gets me into an area that I could really use. I'm certainly not an expert but I'm sure I can make good use of a more advanced level.

Any thoughts are appreciated!