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Linear Correlation


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Nov 29, 2018
Wooo! I am almost done with my stats class. I am having a reoccurring issue with finding the test statistic using a scatter plot and linear correlation coefficient.

Internet Users (Per 100) Award Winners (Per 10 Million)
78.2 5.5
79.5 9
55.8 3.3
67.2 1.6
76.9 10.9
39.1 0.1

I was given this chart above, I know how to put it into a scatter plot, as well as find the linear correlation coefficient. However, I am not positive on how to get the test statistic.

Listed below are numbers of Internet users per 100 people and numbers of scientific award winners per 10 million people for different countries. Construct a​ scatterplot, find the value of the linear correlation coefficient​ r, and find the​ P-value of r. Determine whether there is sufficient evidence to support a claim of linear correlation between the two variables. Use a significance level of alphaequals 0.01.

Here is the question for reference. Please help! Thank you.

Klaas van Aarsen

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Staff member
Mar 5, 2012
Hi reaganlivi, welcome to MHB! ;)

Usually we do a t-test to test for significance of a linear regression to see if the slope is different from zero.
The t-value is the slope divided by the standard error of the slope.
And the degrees of freedom is n-2.