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Feb 2, 2012

I wrote these back when I was in college.

To a tightrope walker named Zekund
The "a" due to gravity beckoned.
. . His performance was great
. . At about 9.8

There was a young lady named List
Whose mouth had a funny half-twist.
. . She'd turned both her lips
. . Into Moebius strips.
'Til she's kissed you, you haven't been kissed!

A young mathematician named Crottle
Poured water into a Klein bottle.
. . When asked, "Do you doubt
. . That some will run out?"
He replied, "No, I don't. Quite a lot'll."

A girl from the vast Fourth Dimension
Has a sex life beyond comprehension.
. . With length, width and height
. . She's an utter delight.
With her fourth ... it's too wondrous to mention!


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MHB Math Scholar
Feb 15, 2012
a mathematician named matt
never moved from the bar where he sat
when asked what was up
he looked up from his cups
and replied: outward normal to flat