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Lambert W function


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Feb 1, 2012
Based on Pickslides reference to the Lambert W function, I am now trying to solve this:

r = \frac{q\left(1-\exp\left\{-\frac{u^2}{\varepsilon}\right\}\right)}{u(q-u)}

So now I have this in the form $r = ue^u$ and I need to transform it to $u = w(r)$

I am not quite sure on how to do that though.


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MHB Math Helper
Feb 5, 2012
So now I have this in the form $r = ue^u$.....
Hi dwsmith, :)

Did you transform the original equation into the form \(X=Ye^{Y}\) ? If so can we please see the result?

Kind Regards,