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Invertiable Matrix - explaining it to children - ideas how to teach


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Apr 21, 2018
How can I make a curriculum to student, to explain the term Invertiable Matrix?

What would I use to explain?
[tools, whiteboard, papers. printed website pages...]

How can I order the curriculum?
What will be in the start of year and what will be next?

This new material that I need to teach in the coming year.

Thanks for responds...


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Jan 29, 2012
First, you should spell "invertible" correctly! (I would have thought that was a typo but you misspelled it, in the same way, twice.)

A matrix, A, is "invertible" if there exist a matrix, B, such that AB is the identity matrix. Then B is the (multiplicative) inverse of A. This is exactly the same as saying that "1/2" is the multiplicative inverse of2.
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