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Information on how to become a MHB Ambassador

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Jan 26, 2012
Hello everyone!

Earlier this month we awarded Sudharaka with the rank of MHB Ambassdor. We have briefly explained the role of an Ambassador here but not put forth information on some ways to become an Ambassador.

Before getting to that I want to first talk about what a "referral" is on a forum. If you invite your friends, colleagues or anyone to sign up here at MHB there is a field in the registration process called "Referrer". If someone puts your username in that field when he or she registers then you will be credited with a referral.

Another way of having this done is to give someone a unique link to MHB with your referrer ID. You can find this by clicking Settings (located in the top right corner of every page when you are logged in) and scrolling to the bottom. You will see a table with the number of referrals you currently have and a link to give others if you want to be credited with a referral. The general form of this link is: http://www.mathhelpboards.com/forum.php?referrerid=X, where X is your userid number. My userid number is 2 so my referral link is http://www.mathhelpboards.com/forum.php?referrerid=2.

Please do not abuse this information by spamming others with links. That will only hurt MHB's image and reputation and you would not be acting as a true ambassador for this site. Thank you!

So, that all said some various ways you can become a MHB Ambassador are:

1) 10 referrals
2) 9 referrals and either liking our Facebook page or following us on Twitter, but not both
3) 8 referrals and both liking our Facebook page as well as following us on Twitter

Note that these are not the only ways of getting awarded the title. There are many ways of promoting this site and if you feel that you have done something to help us we want to know about it! So in the end the rank of MHB Ambassador will be given out at the staff's discretion. We really appreciate all of the help you guys give and helping spread the word about us.

MHB Staff