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I need help with Excel


New member
May 23, 2013
Hi I have to solve this problem by Friday
I have to draw a diagram to represent the tunnel on a coordinate number plane, and fix the equation of the parabola. Using algebra to coordinate geometry to determine the maximum width of the truck
the problem:
a tunnel is to be built to allow 2 lanes of traffic to pass from one side of a mountain to the other side (straight line no curves). the largest vehicle are trucks,which can be considered as rectangles 5m wide and 7m high.
Investigate the cross-section of a parabolic tunnel and find a "possible equation" to represent it. Allow some space so trucks do not bump into each other or the sides of the tunnel.
Please if you can help me to find the equation of the parabola to plug it into spreasheets it will be awesome coz I have tried in so many ways but it doesn't look good


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MHB Math Helper
Jan 27, 2012
Re: I need help with excel

Well, start designing!

Width has 3 Parts
  • 2x Truck Width
  • 2x Side Space
  • 1x Middle Space

You'll have to decide the widths of the spaces.


Staff member
Feb 24, 2012
Re: I need help with excel

Why didn't the solution I gave you here work?