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How to say FU to your student union. (Disgruntled Rant)


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Mar 20, 2012
I have come to a significant disagreement with my student union on how our money should be spent, and also how they determine 'student opinion.' First off, in order to pass a new act/bill/ecct, the union will spend about 200 dollars advertising an upcoming vote. Then, of the (less than 5 %) students that vote, they only need 40% to be in favor to their bill. After that, they will go on and do what it is they want to do. 40%=majority on a yes/no voteing scheme? WTF. Moreover, what they decide to spend money on usually consists of parties, that are poorly advertised (i.e you only here about them if you know a member of the union, or a person who knows a person who knows a member of the union and they tell you), and seemingly to primarilly benifit the union leaders. 3 years ago, they spent 10000 dollars on a party that only 12 people showed up to, and 10/12 were union leaders. Anouther blunder they have made is to increase student fees by 50 dollars per semmester in order to gain some funds to construct a student union building, which will run about 15 million dollars. They will be using 10 million dollars in morgage money to pay for this. The building will have (privatly run) bookstores, a massive room meant for parties, a 'multifaith room' (this bothers me), and some offices for themselves, and a (recently; formerlly internet based) radio station that recieves around 100 listners per year, and costs several hundread thousand dollars to maintain. They also fund "pro-life" propaganda that disccusses how morally destitute the woman who get abortions are... I have talked to members of the leadership, and they do not give a **** about any of the above issues--including the definition of majority... Why are they members of the student leadership? Self engrandizment.

Anyways, as it turns out, I am required to pay fees to the student union each semmester, and I can not have them waived. Regrettably, we must be members of the union. While many unions are benificial for students, the one at my school is primarilly self serving--contrary to their 'explicit purpose.'

Perhaps I should key their cars.... Or, when I'm tutoring them, confuse them by introducing field theory ("here are the field axioms." What's a solution to this equation? I'll solve one quite similar to it. $x^2+1=0$. But first, we must investigate field extensions) to them while they're in precalculus (fyoi, there isn't a single science or math student on the leadership).

Of course, both of those two options have their drawbacks. The first one would allow me to experiance schebenfraude, and the second one would do the same but without violating any laws. These two responses are clearly irrational, the first one requiring me to do some digging to find out which car is who's (of course, I could key them all on a day they have a meeting). Of course, if I am to key their cars, I would have to key an aphorism of some kind into the paint...
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Jan 26, 2012


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Jan 26, 2012
Just to clarify - at your university everyone is mandatorily part of the student union which is run by the student leadership? If so then it's a similar system to public universities in the US.

I went to a very big university and if I'm not mistaken the student union annual budget was $10,000,000, which is a huge sum for 18-22 year-old students to be working with to say the least. It has been and probably will always be greatly controlled by fraternities and sororities, collectively named "Greek Life". The percent of students in those was much smaller than the students who were not, so again you have a minority with "power" situation. Watching some of their decisions over the 4 years I was there was humorous and frustrating at times but I just stopped paying attention and forgot they existed.

I would not recommend going with either option you mentioned because the satisfaction it might bring will surely fade quickly and then you'll be even more frustrated. If you are interested in pursuing this further then maybe you could find other students with similar views and objections to the current student union, and come together to discuss options. Or you could make flyers informing others about the things you have mentioned.

It all depends on what you want - to be less frustrated with them, to change part of it for the better or both?
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