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Hi - amateur software developer requires tuition and support


New member
Dec 27, 2014
Hi I'm Tom. I'm an IT Business Analyst and amateur developer with an interest in AI, particularly Artificial Neural Networks as applied to various business problems.

In order to understand various technical papers I am revising some of my math knowledge (I'm just above high school level). I'm using Khan Academy and other web resources to upskill on techniques that are relevant to neural networks, those of calculus and vector algebra.

I thoroughly enjoy mathematics but I'm a slow learner. I occasionally need help. If anyone reads this and is willing to act as occasional (paid) tutor then I would consider that. I hope that is allowed by the rules of this site, if not then I can remove this request.




Staff member
Jan 26, 2012
Hi Tom,

Welcome to MHB! :)

We are glad you found us. There is no need to pay anyone. All help here is free and I encourage you to ask as many questions as you want! All we ask is that you post a clear problem and make an effort. If you are stuck or need some explanation, you will get it I'm sure.