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Here's a dark one for all y'all


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MHB Math Helper
Aug 30, 2012
A poem I recently caught sight of.

Roses are red,
Violets are red.
I killed the gardener!



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MHB Math Scholar
Feb 15, 2012
a song my dad used to sing:

there once was a farmer who took a young miss
back of the barn where he gave her a
lecture on horses and chickens and eggs,
and told her that she had such wonderful
manners which suited a girl of her charms,
a girl that he wanted to take in his
washing and ironing, and then if she did
they could get married and raise lots of

sweet violets
sweeter than all the roses
covered all over from head to toe,
covered all over in sweet violets

the girl told the farmer if he didn't stop
she'd call her father and he'd call the
taxi which came before very long
'cause someone was doing his little girl
right for a change, and that's why he said:
"if you marry her son you're better off
single, because it has always been my firm belief
marriage will bring a man nothing but

...sweet violets..."