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New member
Sep 21, 2017
My name is Scott and I run sportscardforum.com

I joined this forum for 2 reasons

1) because MarkFL has some killer modifications that can be used for vBulletin :)

2) I am a dad of a 4th grade student that struggles with math. I am interested in looking to see what information I can find on this forum that can help me better help her overcome those struggles (and better understand how math is taught so I don't get frustrated trying to help her).


Staff member
Feb 24, 2012
Hello, and welcome to MHB, Scott! (Wave)

As an admin/owner of your own site, we would be especially interested to hear any suggestions or feedback you have about MHB. Of course we value such feedback from everyone, but those who run their own sites have a good perspective on site issues. :)

Obviously you are familiar with vBulletin, but if you have any questions about using any of our custom features, please feel free to ask! (Yes)

We will be happy to offer any insights we can to help you help your daughter. Sometimes it's just a matter of finding the right approach to a particular problem that will click with a student. :)