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Heat equation with annoying source term


New member
Jan 25, 2014
Hello to everyone,

I urgently need to solve the following pde: ∂u/∂t +∂²u/∂x² = So*δ(x-xo)*sin(wo*t)

It's the heat equation with a cyclic source. The lentgh of the cable is L.

I have no clue how to do this with such a source, all i have learnt was to do a separation of variables, but it does not seem to work in my case.

Anybody can help or has an interesting link for me?


Indicium Physicus
Staff member
Jan 26, 2012
Well, I'm not sure I can help out immediately. However, Carslaw and Jaeger is the standard, comprehensive book on the heat equation, and would be the most likely book to help you out. Check to see if your school's library has it.