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- HallsofIVY - great Stuff, my Friend!......


New member
Nov 11, 2017
Dear All,

I just wanted to register ....my Thanks, to the member called.......'HallsofIVY...who has provided an excellent Solution, to a Question, I raised.

Yes, you are correct .......my efforts are a bit on the slack side?

But, this whole genre of Maths, called ...Proofs & Structure, is a bit foreign to the type of Maths - I am much more accustomed to!

Just want to register, My Sincere Thanks, for your excellent .....contribution.

Obviously, you know ..........your stuff . It has been extremely useful.

Best Regards,

John C.


MHB POTW Director
Staff member
Feb 14, 2012
Hello and welcome to MHB! (Wave)

I moved your post to the Introductions sub-forum (since this place is a better fit to your thread) and I wish you the best of luck to conquer another territory of math!


Staff member
Feb 24, 2012
Yes, welcome to MHB, John! (Clapping)

It's nice to see appreciation posted for help given by one of our MHB Math Helpers. If you have any questions about using any of our site's features or feedback of any kind, please feel free to PM me or anyone on staff, or post here:

Questions, Comments, and Feedback

I do have a small "nitpicky" favor to ask...when you begin a new paragraph, please use just two line breaks (hit the [ENTER] key twice)...you see, I'm somewhat OCD about post formatting (and rapidly deteriorating into an old curmudgeon (Swearing)), and any more than two line breaks appears to be excessive white space to me, making the post content take up more real estate on the screen than necessary, and thus requiring more scrolling through threads. Thanks! (Cool)