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[SOLVED] gre.qu.1 are also in Q


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Jan 31, 2012
ok kinda catchy but I chose B
$A =10\cdot 12 =120,\quad B=1\cdot2\cdot10\cdot12=240$
A &\textit{ Quantity A is greater}\\
B &\textit{ Quantity B is greater}\\
C &\textit{ The 2 Quantities are equal}\\
D &\textit{The relationship cannot be determined}

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Mar 31, 2013
You are right.

the question is easy.

The product of numbers that are in P that are in Q cannot be more than the product of numbers that are in Q.

this is so because the numbers in P that are in Q has to be be subset of numbers in Q.

Now does Q contain at least one element that is not in P yes . in fact 2 that is 1 and 2