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Going Back To School


New member
Apr 11, 2016
Hi everyone i've finally went back to school to get my grade 12 diploma. I'm at an adult education center and learning grade 12 college math and i've never taken this math before and not know much about it. Doing this theoretical and empirical probability, making tally and flow charts can be kinda confusing. If there is any place here that i can post these types of questions please let me know because i have never joined or posted anything before in forums. P.S. Thank you for letting me join and all the help i can get will be really appreciated :)


Staff member
Feb 24, 2012
Hello and welcome to MHB, ThunderWolf2016 ! (Wave)

I moved your post to its own thread so that everyone can welcome you personally. :D I want to wish you well in your decision to further your education, and we will be more than happy to help you along the way with your mathematics studies. (Yes)

Probability questions from elementary statistics courses should be posted here:

Basic Probability and Statistics

By "elementary," I simply mean algebra-based problems, rather than calculus-based. This by no means implies they are necessarily considered easy to do. ;)

If you have any doubt about where to post a question, then what we generally suggest is for you to make your best guess about which forum to choose, post it there, and then use our post reporting feature to draw attention to your post from the staff, and in your report just say that you are unsure if you posted in the correct forum, and we will make certain it is moved to the best area if needed.

To report a post, look at the lower-left of the post and you will see the following button:

Click that button, and then fill out the resulting form to give the reason you are reporting the post and submit the report.

Then, the report button will be red to indicate you have reported that post, and if you hover your mouse cursor over the red button, you will see whether the report has been resolved by the staff or not.


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MHB Math Helper
Mar 17, 2016
Welcome to the forum! All the best on getting your diploma, you'll find lots of help here :).


Staff member
Jan 26, 2012
Welcome, welcome! Glad to have you here. We're a pretty friendly bunch, no matter what they say. ;)