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Future of MHB and Xenforo update

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Jan 26, 2012
Hi all,

I hope you are all safe, healthy, and not affected in a serious way by the world wide COVID-19 virus. Here in the US it has completely changed life for me and so many. I am healthy though, so very grateful.

Schools are closed right now in the US and I am guessing many are worldwide. Same thing for universities. So naturally this means that math classes aren't going on and less people need help. We have had very slow traffic for some years now regardless, but this doesn't help. So I have two major points to make in this post.

  1. Xenforo migration - this is still happening and almost ready. I had a couple of tweaks with the custom plugins that had to be fixed and then the Coronavirus situation put everything on pause. In theory we have all the pieces though to switch - the new software, a custom style for XF that looks really nice I think, custom plugins that will make sure a lot of the functinality here continues to work, and finally a way to bring over all of the content to the new site. That last part will be done by someone I've hired and am trying to get a slot booked for his time.
  2. MHB and the future - We have all seen the slow traffic here for years and while I have not been tracking other similar forums much, when I took a look lately I think they are in a similar position. What I think is that forums are not a medium of communication that is used today for most, and it perhaps not the best way to have really smart people donate their time. I'm not sure, but that's my take at the moment.

    So I have a couple of ideas that I will link to in a separate thread on what could be done, but I do not want to continue this type of site forever as is. I feel guilty over the amazing people who give their time and the money it costs to keep running is becoming not worth the benefit to the internet perhaps. More on this topic in this thread - main thread.